Odd Wheel Out

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Are you always the third wheel? How about the fifth? Or the ninth?

Is there something about you that deems you unworthy of having a matching wheel for social functions?

Are you a geek, a dork, a spaz, a rabid anime fan, a trekkie, a cosplayer, a role-player, or do you otherwise indulge in geekery?

This may be the community for you. Talk to fellow odd wheels. Share stories, and know that you're not alone.


1. Be nice.
2. All interests/lifestyles/obsessions welcome, but keep it decent. If there's something that a minor can't see, use warnings and put it behind a cut. Oh, and nothing illegal.
3. Geekery is fun! But no leetspeak please. Emoticons are fine.

Have fun!

PS. If you join, and one of your interests is not listed, just make a post about it and it will be added right away! There aren't a lot of interests there just yet 'cause it's hard to think of things at 1am.